Get all players from the CMS

Returns an array of player objects. Players are a read only entity. Players cannot be created or deleted via the API because they need to be linked within a workflow to get content that the player can play back. The player can be a static entity that has the content changing based on various filters, modifiers and query parameters that are set up in the workflow.

The player object is returned after it was evaluated by the workflow in which it is used. It contains the information about the content that populates the player alongside additional information about the player itself.


The player is the end result of a workflow

This means that the player might return different data based on various properties passed by the user, API or the location at which the API call was originated.

Player object structure

idstringThe unique id of the player.
namestringPlayer name.
descriptionstringThe description of the player. This property is used to present additional information about the content of the player.
srcstringThe URL of the modified manifest after the content was evaluated by the workflow in which the player is used.
thumbnailstringThe URL of the thumbnail to use when presenting the player in the CMS or 3rd party apps
userstringThe id of the user that created the player.
organization_ownerstringThe id of the user that owns the account in which the player was created.
created_timestringThe date / time when the player was created.
updated_timestringThe date / time when the player was last updated.
workspaces[string]The list of the workspaces ids that the player belongs to.

Currency limited to a single workflow per player, therefore the length of the array is always 1.
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